Turning the Page on 2020
Looking Forward to 2021 and Beyond

March 30, 2021 - March 31, 2021

10:00 AM EDT - 4:00 PM EDT

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CanWISP 2021

The 2021 Edition of the CanWISP conference is our 9th Annual Event. Unfortunately we will not be together in person, but we're putting together an event that will still let you meet your colleagues and find out what's new from suppliers, manufacturer and ISED. The Agenda will be updated as it is confirmed.


Venue you ask? IT'S A VIRTUAL EVENT. We'll we actually have event space and a walk through exhibit hall. The Venue is called The Echo!


TV White Spaces (TVWS) and the changing Canadian spectrum land scape

TVWS has been talked about for many years as an option to reach those hard to get customers at the network edge.  Due to regulatory hurdles and no database, TVWS didn't materialize until now.  Learn what you need to know to sucsessfully deploy in this spectrum.

New Opportunities for Fixed Wireless, Spectrum Sharing and Utilizing 5G

The frequencies and technologies that have traditionally been used by WISPs are changing.  New technologies are creating new opportunities for Fixed Wireless solutions.

ISED - Update

ISED has been active over the past year.  Make sure you're up to date on what happened and what is in process.

Multichannel, mmWave and Multiband Technologies

A comparison of the capacities, distances and advantages of each option will be presented to help the audience understand the technical differences, and advantages of each solution.

Business Case Supporting mmWave Technology

For more densely populated areas, make sure you consider E-Band (70-80GHz PtP); V-Band (60GHz PtP) and mmWave mesh.

Thriving in challenging times: How to lead your team through crisis

You've led your company through a difficult year.  Your staff are burned out or fed up, and, perhaps, some even dealt with the loss of loved ones.  The challenges are not over just yet.  How do you inspire, motivate, and reinvigorate your team as the uncertainty persists?  What do you need to do to guide them through to 'the other side' successfully -- maybe even stronger than before?

Are you ready for WiFi6?

WiFi6 is going to bring some impressive performance to your installations.  Here's what you need to know.

Using Story to Market through Social Media

Some of your competition has large teams of marketing experts at their disposal.  Other competitors don't market at all.  Understanding the the impact of 'story' on your message is a powerful tool that can be implemented through social media.

Telecom Compliance

If you're not doing these things you're probably not in compliance.

Panel: Managing through growth

Every day seems to be a panic and brings a new emergency.  Even when the network is running fine something comes up and throws off the plan for the day.  Just 1 or 2 more staff would solve the problem.  ... Or would it?  Listen to a few company builders who have been through this cycle.


What does it cost?

CanWISP Members: $125
Non-Members: $225
(all prices plus tax)

Can I see the Agenda?

The Agenda will be published here shortly and updated often.

Any swag? Virtual swag is actually awful.  I hate virtual swag.

YES!  We will be mailing a NON-VIRTUAL SWAG BOX to every attendee.  Be sure to register with your valid mailing address.

Can I sponsor part of the event or have a booth?

Yes.  Please contact for information.

Will CanWISP be holding its Annual General Meeting during the conference?

No.  This year our AGM will be held at a different time. 

Will allergies be accomodated?

Of course.  Think about it.

Will refreshments be available for purchase?

In fact, they're free. Just be sure pick up your favorite beverages a couple of days before the conference. 


Brad Stimpson

Vice President, Engineering

Redline Communications

Matt Mangriotis

Senior Director of Product Management


David Willis

President, Communication Research Centre

Innovation , Science and Economic Development Canada

Runil Prasad

Senior Director, Solutions Marketing and Business Development, North America

Aviat Networks

Mark Kelley

Strategic Partner Manager

FB Mobile Connectivity Partnerships

Claire Carver-Dias


Clearday Communications

Greg Owens

Sr. Director, Product Marketing


Mark Evans


Marketing Spark

Brenda Bouchette

Technical and Economic Advisor


Peter Nowak

Vice-President Insight & Engagement

TekSavvy Solutions Inc.

Jason Flick

Serial Entrepreneur

You.i TV / Flick Software / Eftia


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